Immeuble à vendre, 124 Main St., à Oak Hill, États-Unis

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Oak Hill, 124 Main St.

Immeuble commercial • 1858.06 m² • Rez-de-chaussée • Réf: 11112922

This landmark anchor property in the downtown Oak Hill commercial district boasts more than 20,000 square feet of largely open-plan commercial space. At the heart of a market of more than 30,000 area residents and more than three million annual visitors, the building is ideally suited to commerce, especially where easy interstate access is concerned. The US-19 expressway travels across the region, approaching within 2,000 feet of the building at its Main Street exit. HIGHLIGHTS Large, open-plan anchor property More than 20,000 square feet Front and rear primary access areas Near municipal parking lots Two miles from the national park Easy access to the US-19 expressway Central to a 30,000-resident market area Central to 1.7-million annual tourist travel area Walking distance from city parks, rail trails LOCATION Google Coordinates: 37.97356303669606, -81.14735068833474 Address: 124 Main Street, Oak Hill, West Virginia 25901 Elevation Range: approximately 2,020 to 2,010 feet above sea level ABOUT THE BUILDING The building is the largest commercial structure in downtown Oak Hill, boasting more than 20,000 square feet of interior space on three levels. Operating first as an automotive dealership, it was built to accommodate weight, and for much of its history, it had been the home of the region's largest department store, F.W. Woolworth's. In more recent years, it has been a florists and has accommodated medical office space, an apartment, and storage. The building's principal storefront opens onto Main Street in downtown Oak Hill, a small commercial district that serves the larger Oak Hill market area, which also includes nearby Fayetteville and the Summit Bechtel Reserve. More than 30,000 residents are estimated to live in the larger Oak Hill market area, including more than 8,000 in Oak Hill itself. The property is accessible by the US-19 expressway, the chief north-south route through southern West Virginia and is central to a 3,000,000 annual tourist travel area. The four-lane road provides access to more than 20,000 vehicles daily, according to 2016 estimates, though traffic has increased since the establishment of the new national park. More than 7,000 vehicles pass the building daily, according to the state Department of Transportation. Main Street Level The building's primary storefront opens onto Main Street and consists principally of two windowed display bays and a central vestibule topped by a building-wide transom signboard. Two sets of double doors open into the building's large main room, which extends approximately 150 feet toward the rear of the property and along the width of the building, approximately 60 feet. The front quarter of the room, including more than 2,090 square feet, has been subdivided by a counter space into a street-front showroom. The latter two-thirds, including more than 5,600 square feet, function as a florist's workshop. A decorative tin ceiling of more than 7,000 square feet suspended 12 feet about the floor extends the length and width of the room. Toward the rear of the building, more than 4,000 additional square feet accommodate storage, restrooms, and offices and are accessible from the flanking side. These bonus areas extend above a lower rear level as a second story when the building is approached from its rear entrance. Upper Level A second story at the front facade of the building includes a six-room apartment of more than 1,000 square feet accessible by an interior stairway from the street front. The apartment includes four principal rooms of more than 200 square feet, each with large windows overlooking Main Street and the Allegheny Mountains to the east. A second upper-level section of the building is located toward the rear and includes more than 1,700 square feet divided into storage rooms and a restroom. Lower Rear Level The rear of the building boasts a secondary storefront, accessible on Lewis Street, and an interior space of more than 5,500 square feet used most




Habitable1858.06 m²

124 Main St., Oak Hill

Année de construction1950